Robin Morningwood Adventure's FAQ

1 - Will it be possible to transfer the savedata from the demo to the final game?

Yes for PC and Mac, if your demo save is from the 3.1 demo version or above.  You can now use the cloud saving on android. Please note that you have to desinstall your demo to install the full version on android. Don't forget to use the cloud saving before.

2 - Will the game be available on IOS?

We can't release the game on IOS because Apple's policy. But it seems some android emulators are existing to play on IOS.

3 - When will be the next update?

You can now follow the production's progression on Trello.

4 - What is the difference between getting the game on Itch and on Patreon?

Buying the game on Itch will give you access to every updates until the final version. Buying the game on Patreon will give you access to all the versions we will release and exclusive posts only during the month you supported us (eccept if you continue your suscription).

5 - The game crashes on my phone. What can I do?

First of all, we recommend using a phone with a minimum of 4GB of RAM. You can lower the quality setting in the option menu, wich will lower the RAM use of the game. You can also close any other apps running in the background.

6 - Can I still participate in the Kickstarter campaign?

No, unfortunately, the campaign is over.

7 - I missed the Kickstarter campaign but I absolutely want Beryllus, the exclusive character of the game!

Don’t worry, Beryllus will probably be available as a DLC.

8 - When the game will be available on Steam?

It's now available here

9 - If I buy the game on, can I have a Steam key?

You can't get a Steam key from, but you can always add the game to your library:

10 - How can I support Grizzly Gamer Studio?

You can now support us on, Steam or Patreon. We hope to have enough support so we can develop other kinky games!