Our studio

Our independent studio is based in Lille, France, and is mainly composed of 2 members:
Stewy, as illustrator and game designer and Chewy, as developer.

Our story

In early 2018, Stewy began to take an interest in creating an erotic gay video game alongside his work. Several months later, he asked Chewy to join him in his adventure as a developer. After created the first demo of Robin Morningwood Adventure, we had the idea to create our own indie video game studio specializing in gay and bara games!

Our studio aims to enrich the creation of gay erotic and bara video game genre. We hope that our games will be popular enough so we can continue to create in the future.

Follow our progress

You can follow our progress on Patreonitch.io, Twitter, Discord and Trello.

Support us

You can support us on Itch.io and Patreon.